To the Memory of Mr. Honarmand

Iran is a country surrendered by politics clouds and most of us, in Iran, deal with. The more important problem is we think everything is somehow related to politics and for solving many problems we search a political solution. I know this is odd for you who do not live in Iran but it is very common in my country. I grown up when the war was the most important problem of my country and most people think about war such that even youths people like me, at that time, living in a small city thinking about war and politics. I, personally, love soldiers who give their lives for the people who they love even they were played or they were wrong. Because at that time, they thought this is the best action to take. Therefore, I admire them while after ending the war, my opinion about Iran and Iraq war had been changed because of political problems of my city, NajafAbad.

There were some people who really were doing their job well and focusing on their tasks instead of wasting their time only on politics. One of the best of my hero in this story is the head of my middle school, Mr Honarmand. He was spending a lot of time to teach us and creating best opportunity for us in respect to our motivations. He bought a video player for our school to show movies in the school, it was incredible on that time on a small school in a small city in Iran. He always scheduled for picnic at weekends for students and other teachers. I can't forget the moment he was trying to take some of us to a scientific contest by his own old and appalling automobile while we were out of time and he was driving fast and smiling and telling us some jokes. He didn't lose any opportunity to motivate us to participate in any kind of positive actions and groups. He was done whatever he can to fill our time with great energy and happiness and prevent us to fell in various bad things. I've tried to be like him or some updated version of him, to do my job very carefully and prevent myself and other of my colleagues or students to deviate our primary goals instead of wasting on irrelevant topics. We can be happy wherever we live if we focus on small things around us and improve them. It doesn't mean we should always laugh and don't be serious. As Mr.Honarmand taught me sometimes we should be very serious and angry or at least play this role to prevent something bad happen while we are trying to prepare a good place and community that they can be happy if they want.