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Ahmad Yoosofan


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Last update of this document: Januray 5, 2019.

Personal Data

First & Last Name Ahmad Yoosofan NajafAbadi
Born 1976 Kuwait
Current Position Faculty of Computer and Electrical Engineering, Instructor
Employment Status Official Trial
Address(office) Room 351, Sater-Ketabchi Building, University of Kashan, Kashan, Isfahan, Iran , Postal Code: 8731753153
Map Address(office)
Office Phone Number 0098-315-5913468
website(s) and
Telegram ID" and

Most of My Email Addresses starts with "yoosofan", follows by AT (@) and follows by one of the following mail servers:,,,,,

Research Interest

  • Text Processing
  • Blockchain
  • Machine Vision
  • Information Technology (Society related topics and its impact on society)


Some Created Applications

Work Experience

  1. Programming at Computer Department of Shiraz Petrochemical Company, Summer 1997. Shiraz Petrochemical Company . Shiraz Petrochemical Company By Name . Thanks to Dr. Dastgheybifard for recommending me to the company.
  2. Working at Fars Electricity Distributation Company as programmer and maintainer, Summer 1998. Fars Electricity Distributaion Company .
  3. Other activities will be added soon. They are added to my Farsi CV, and I will add them to English soon.

Research Projects in University of Kashan

  1. preparing a software for automatic verb derivatives stemmer in Persian without dictionary.
  2. Automatic detecting and stemming derivations of Arabic triliteral words in Farsi.
  3. A survey of centralization in information technology in Iran.
  4. Automatic graph construction of CorCor molecule and computation of its Wiener index.
  5. Design and implementation of a full Persian programming language
  6. Design and implementation of an interpreter for the Persian programming language ParsPL.

Projects With Other Companies

  1. "Design and Implementation of Status of Contracts of Electricity Distribution of Ghom", By Assistant of Mahdi Chehreghani. From 19 February 2013 to 14 September 2014. Address of Ghom Electricity Distribution , Address of Ghom Electricity Distribution by Name . Thanks to Mahdi Chehreghani.
  2. "Desing and Implementation of Website of Sanaat Sadr Sepahan", By Assisstant of Mohsen Soleimani SheikhAbadi, Mojtaba Hashemi, Saeed KazemiPour. From 22 June 2014 to 27 December 2014. Thanks to Mohsen Soleimani SheikhAbadi.
  3. "Design and Implementation of Production Control System" for Nouri (Borzouyeh) Petrochemical Company – Pars special economy zone – Assalouyeh- Bushehr Province. From 20 March 2016 to 14 September 2018 (Actually it started at 21 March 2014). Map Nouri , Map Nouri By Name . Thanks to Jaafar Evazi, head of Computer department of Nouri (Borzouyeh) Petrochemical Company.


  1. ActiveX. Ahmad Yoosofan, Mohsen Biglary. 2009.
  2. Introduction to Programming Contests. Ahmad Yoosofan, Mohsen Biglary, Faezeh Mirzaie, Amin Babadi. 2016. ACMBookpage

Journal Papers

  1. Yoosofan, Ahmad; Mozdian Fard, Mohammad Reza. "Factors intensifying centralisation of information technology in Iran". International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, Vol.14 No.11 2016. Jornal Issue(14-no-11-nov-2016) , PDF 139511 , Academia 30936299 , IJCSIS Journal .
  2. Yoosofan, Ahmad; Ghovanlooy Ghajar, Fatemeh; Ayat, Sima; Hamidi, Somayeh; Mahini, Farshad. "Identifying Association Rules among Drugs in Prescription of a Single Drugstore Using Apriori Method". Intelligent Information Management(IIM), Vol.7 No.5 2015. ,
  3. Yoosofna, Ahmad; Elham yousefian. Clustering provinces in Iran Based on Digital Divide Metric Using the K-means Algorithm. Soft Computing journal. Vol.1 No.1 PP 32-45. 2013. Page of CPIBDMUKA2013 , PDF of CPIBDMUKA2012 .
  4. Yoosofan, Ahmad; Namazi-Fard, Mostafa; "Automatic Graph Construction of Periodic Open Tubulene((5,6,7)3) and computation of its Wiener, PI, and Szeged indices". IJMC (Iranian Journal of Mathematical Chemistry). Vol 3, No 1. February 2012. Page of NJIMC2012 , PDF of NJIMC2012 , RIS of NJIMC2012 , BibTeX of NJIMC2012 .
  5. Yoosofan, Ahmad, Ali Rahimi, Mohammad Rastgoo, and Mohammad mahdi Mojiri. "Automatic Stemming of Some Arabic Words Used in Persian Through Morphological Analysis Without a Dictionary." World Applied Sciences Journal 8, no. 9 (2010): 1078-1085.
  6. Yoosofan, ahmad, and alireza Ashrafi. “Automatic generation of adjacency matrix of single-wall carbon nanohorn.” OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS – RAPID COMMUNICATIONS 4, no. 6 (June 2010): 900-901.

Some of my Conference Papers

  1. A`.` yoosofan and A`.` Ashrafi, “Calculation of Wiener index for some single-wall carbon nanohorn,” The 2nd conference and workshop on mathematical chemistry (SCWMC 09), Kashann , Iran: 2009.
  2. Yoosofan, Ahmad; Moghadasian, Masoud; Babaee, Reza; "Comparing results of selecting different field combinations in IDS based on decision tree algorithm". IKT2012. دانشگاه صنعتی بابل : ۱۳۹۱/۳/۲ تا ۱۳۹۱/۳/۴
  3. Yoosofan, Ahmad, and Ali Rahimi, ‘An Implementation of an Interactive Virtual Classroom Based on Flash Media Server’, in Proceedings of INTED2010 Conference. presented at the INTED2010 (International Technology, Education and Development Conference), Valencia , Spain, 2010.

Executive Record

  1. Head of Computer Engineering Department of University of Kashan. From 2008 to 2016.
  2. Member of Council of Virtual and distant Education of the University of Kashan. From 2009 to 2016.
  3. Organizer of the First Election of Syndicate of Faculties of the University of Kashan. Fall 2014.
  4. Organizer and Scientific Committee of the First to Fifth Annual National Students Programming Contest (ACM). From 2008 to 2013. (Unfortunately after the fifth contest, this contest was stopped being held because of some problems.)
  5. Unofficial advoisor of several companies and committes all around Iran.


  1. TA of Fundamental of programming, Advanced Programming, Object Oriented Programming and Operating systems When I was BS. Student under supervision of Dr.Towhidi.
  2. Teaching several courses including Fundamental of programming, Advanced Programming, Operating systems, Compiler, Database Systems, File structure, Data Structure, Internet Engineering, Advanced Database, Modeling and Performance Evaluation, Operating Systems Laboratory and Computer Laboratory, Formal Language and Automata




Farsi (Persian, Native), English(Fulent), Arabic

Programming Language

Professional Intermediate Beginner
C PHP proglog
C++ XML Miranda
Python LaTeX, xelatex و XePersian  
HTML5 MATLAB و Octave Lisp
CSS3 Basic cmake
JavaScript Rexx bash
rst Java Pascal
SQL C# Markdown
  FoxPro - DOS  

Professional Programming on Linux, Window and DOS on different kind of computers including personal computers and small computers like Raspberry and NanoPi. Beginner programming on Android and IBM370.


Category Professional Intermediate
Install Linux based Operating Systems, Use and Troubleshooting Of Linux Based Operating systems mostly Ubuntu family (including Ubuntu-mate), Mandriva. Install, Use and Troubleshooting of Windows family (started at 3.1 to 10). Install and Troubleshooting of Dos Use of Android, IBM370 VMS, Vax Unix, Open Solaris, SCO Unix and IBM OS/400. Install and Use Fedora Linux, RedHat Linux and freeBSD  
Source Control Manager git bazar, svn
Editor and IDE Geany, kate, Vim, mcedit, Home Edit, C++ Builder, Turbo/Borland C/C++, Visual Studio, Emacs, Microsoft Front page, Dream weaver, FreeOffice
Editing Picture   Gimp,PhotoShop, Pinta, Inkscape, TUX Paint, MS paint, Corel Draw
Office OpenOffce/LibreOffice, Ms office  
Audio Editing   Audacity
Browser opera, firefox, IE, Edge NetEscape communicator
Email Client Thunderbird Outlook
Movie Editing   ‌Blender, handbrake, open shot
Programming Packages pygraphviz, numpy, scipy, matplot, tensoreflow, tornado, OpenCv Django
Virtual Machine VirtualBox, VmWare Qemu
Spreadsheet OpenOffice/LibreOffce Calc Gnumeric, Excel, QuatroPro-Dos
Install and use applications of Bitcoin, BCH, BSV, Monero, Ryo, Ombre, Zcoin, Sumokoin, BitTube, Zcash, ZCL, Zen and more
Setup and install miner and pool


Reading, listening and watching several kinds of books, magazines, documentaries in very different areas including society, psychology, philosophy, history.